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Welcome to The Toro Historical Review

Welcome to The Toro Historical Review!  We are excited to open up this opportunity for our students to make their best academic work available to a larger audience. It is meant to inspire our students to develop their historical research and writing skills beyond what may be required within the confines of a history course and to strive towards publishing their work in this e-journal. The Toro Historical Review offers undergraduate history students the chance to both participate in publishing historical discourse and to polish their writing and editing skills.

To be considered for publication, all papers must represent faculty-mentored original research and follow the standards laid out by the American Historical Association (see CSUDH Department of History Mission Statement):

“Historians should practice their craft with integrity. They should honor the historical record. They should document their sources. They should acknowledge their debts to the work of other scholars. They should respect and welcome divergent points of view even as they argue and subject those views to critical scrutiny. They should remember that our collective enterprise depends on mutual trust. And they should never betray that trust.”

Since this is a journal run by and for students, all submissions are subject to peer-review by at least one student and one professor.

Please note that the views and opinions expressed in The Toro Historical Review are strictly those of the authors. The content of these pages has not been reviewed or approved by California State University, Dominguez Hills.

Thank you for your interest in The Toro Historical Review! We hope you’ll enjoy the journey.

-CSUDH, Department of History

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